JavaScript development (ECMA-5 & ECMA6)
jQuery, Underscore JS, Backbone JS
Webpack, Gulp

Hi, my name is Denis. I’m a full-stack developer. I’ve been in IT for more than seven years and have an experience working in such a large company as Template Monster. In this company, I was involved in the project and was one of the leading developers.

One of my strengths is front-end development. I’ve got a profound knowledge of JS (ECMAScript 6) and JS frameworks, such as jQuery, Backbone.js, and Vue.js. I have expert-level skills in HTML coding using HTML5 and CSS3. I’m also proficient in back-end development. As a PHP programmer, I develop plugins and themes for WordPress. These are some of them: I always strive for implementing new instruments and technologies in my projects, namely Webpack, Gulp, Git, SVN, Travis-ci and many others. I have experience of working with JIRA and Trello. I always write clean, understandable source code using style guides and linting.